I started researching my Marblehead ancestors about fifteen years ago.  My family has been in Marblehead since the 1600’s.  Some of the family names are: Martin, Foss, Woodfin, Smith, Standley, Bessom, Freeto, etc.  In 2010 I received a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University.  In 2011 I published my first book  Marblehead and World War I: At Home and Overseas.  I am a member of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, New England Historical and Genealogical Society; and the Marblehead Museum and Historical Society.   Feel free to share any of your Marblehead stories or connections, perhaps we are related.



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  1. You have Freetos in your family tree? I guess we must be related then. I’m curious to know what you have learned about the Freetos.


  2. Hello Marge
    I found your Joel Smith while surfing. Gaads-he is an uncle to me.His sister Jerusha Smith m 1759 Biddeford Stephen Young, Stephen went on to serve at the Battles of Machias before moving on to New Brunswick. Glover’s Rgt-wow.


  3. Hello Cousin, I too am related to John Ashton. He and Susannah Foxwell were my eighth great grandparents (Elizabeth Ashton Merritt was my 7th). I found your site looking for a good write up on Phillip Ashton’s adventures. May I quote yours on my website? (I’m currently revising it). By the way, I also have several Martins (Thomas, Arnold, Knott, Mary Oliver Martin, etc. and a Bessom in my family tree.

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  4. Hello, I would love to communicate with you about finding more information… I am a Peach, and on my father’s side, Susannah Martin is a 9(?) times great aunt of mine. I know my father’s bloodline can be traced back to Marblehead, and I am deeply fascinated by our family history. There is someone in my distant relatives on the Peach side who writes books about our family line, I believe his name is John. I would love to talk more about this. Thank you!


  5. Margery
    Hope all is well with you.
    New PC- I could not retrieve your email address.
    Simon Smith and Martha Oldfield of London parents of:
    Thomas Smith, and Mary Knapp of Watertown parents of
    1 Judith Smith m 1665 Boston Richard Tozier both died Berwick
    2 James Smith 1637 Watertown m Martha MIIIs both died Berwick
    3 John Smith 1640 Watertown m Mary Beers parents of: Samuel Smith 10 Mar 1679 Watertown.
    We have established that John Smith of Martha’s Vineyard left no Smith descendants, therefore the Thomas Smith who m Mary Knapp has different ancestors than those recorded in most genealogies.
    Old map of Berwick shows the Tozier and James Smith properties as abutters. Judith Tozier and James Smith are siblings and their nephew Samuel Smith1679 m Berwick Margaret? Emery. He d at Berwick.
    This gives me not only John as my ancestor but also preserves my Knapp ancestry as reported in my DNA results. New PC-scanner not working-map at The First Permanent Settlement in Maine c 1926 Everett S Stackpole


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