July 4, 1916 Part II The Awards

Doll Carriage parade

This is a follow up to last week’s blog post about the activities in town on July 4, 1916. Although the parade had fewer participants than anticipated there were still many winners.  The judges were: Mrs.Lafayette Gregory, Mrs.Robert Homan, Mrs. Hooper R. Shaw, Mrs. Charles M. Green and Mrs. Horatio B. Buck.  The following prizes were awarded: 

“The Butterfly Group” consisting of a number of Miss Ella Ballard’s dancing class costumed as butterflies was awarded the first prize

“John Alden and Priscilla” children of Rupert Coffin, second prize. ( Rupert and his wife Edith were from Maine and he worked for the highway department in Marblehead. They lived on Lincoln Avenue.  The children were Granville Farriell Coffin, born 1910 and Deborah B. Coffin, born 1912)

“George and Martha Washington” received honorable mention. They were Thelma and Marion Dexter.  

Decorated Baby Carriages: Chariot – Dorothy Raymond – first prize. (She was most likely the one year old daughter of Ludger and Florence Raymond of Pleasant Street)

Pushing carriage   Helen Gillis – second prize (she may have been the daughter of William and Lillian Gillis, born 1906 and lived on Stacey Court)

Most Original feature: “The Bartlett Pair”  who were the children of Ralph Bartlett and Lillian P. Chapman. (He was a machinist living on Elm Street. The children were Elizabeth Glover Bartlett born 1912 and Ruth Chapman Bartlett born 1913

Girl Characters: Mistress Mary   Mary Laskey first place – (she was most likely the daughter of Emerson Roads Laskey and Leona May Day of Mugford Street, born 1909)

Fairies – Adelaide Glass   second place (4 year old daughter of Emerson Glass and Corrine Dykeman)

Older Boy Characters: Blue Beard   – Theodore Smith   first place (he was born in 1905, son of William Everett Smith and Eliza Gregory Reynolds)

Naval Reserve – Fred Broughton, Jr.  second place  (Fred was born in 1905 son of Frederick Albert Broughton and Mabelle Pope Gardner)

Small Boy Characters: Gold Dust Twins – Jeffrey Nichols and Nat Snow – first place (Nat Snow was most likely born in 1911 the son of Nathaniel and Amelia Snow of Washington Street.)

Yellow Clown – Azor Goodwin – second place (5 year old son of Henry Emerson Goodwin and Bertha Langley of High Street)

Decorated Doll Carriage – green and white     Harriet Coffin – first place – (she was born in 1912, daughter of Harry and Nannie Coffin of Darling Street)

Decorated Doll Carriage – orange – Barbara Brown – second place (she was born in 1911 daughter of A. Frank Brown, living on Sewall Street)

Best Decorated automobile was awarded to Harrie K. Nutting.

After the parade the sporting events were held under the direction of Mr. William Smith. The following are the winners:

Potato Race – William Gillis   – first place (he was the son of William and Lillian Gillis of  Stacey Court, born 1904)

Edward McCormack – second place (son of James and Augusta McCormack of Orne Street, born 1903) 

Forty Yard Dash – Lincoln Davis   first place

Nathan Tucker   second place (I think he was born in 1905; his mother was Bertha L. Graves and his stepfather was Herbert Graves and may have been the brother of A. Damon Tucker)

Ball Throwing – Caroline Reynolds – first place (daughter of Joel Reynolds and Carrie Gertrude Shepard, born in 1905)

                        Edith Dixey – second place (born in 1904 to Edward T. and Flora Dixey and lived on Orne Street.  She went on to become the physical education teacher at the Marblehead High School)

Three legged Race – Lincoln Davis and Charles Walcott – first place

            Morris Eaton and Herbert Townsend – second place (born 1908, son of Fred and Sarah Townsend, lived on Glover Street.)

Flag Race: Edith Dixey – first place

  Dorothy Collins – second place

Wheelbarrow Race: James Murphy – first place

                                 Edward McCormack – second place

One hundred yard dash: Charles Narbis – first place

                                       James Murphy – second place

80 Yard Dash: Edith Dixey – first place

                        Alice Black – second place


And that concluded the festivities for July 4, 1916. If anyone has photos of these events it would be great to see.  Did you find any relatives?

Pond St Assoc


2 thoughts on “July 4, 1916 Part II The Awards

  1. Nathan Bailey Tucker (1904-1960) was my uncle and his brother was Arthur Damon Tucker(1911-1969). He was the son of Charles Bailey Tucker (1876-1969) and Bertha Hills Wilkins Tucker Graves (1880-1950). Nathan had the first Volkwagen dealership in Massachusetts over in Beverly. Charles B. was the town electical inspector and owned the lunch shop next to the savings bank. We are all decendents of Captain John Bailey who was commander of Fort Sewall wehn the Constitution took refusge during the war of 1812.


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