Marblehead Sixty Years Ago

Since I am still finding my way around word press and learning to write blogs I thought I would just have some fun today and go back 60 years.   I got out my set of 1956 Marblehead Messengers for the first week of February 1956 to see what was happening in town. It appears that there was nothing earth shattering going on but the town was getting their warrant ready for town meeting.

Goldthwaite Road and the parking situation in the summer was the topic of discussion at the Selectman’s meeting.  The residents of the Goldthwaite area wanted weekend parking restrictions to be enforced during the summer.  It seems the neighbors objected to “the many people who came there, and used their cars for a bath house, in which they donned their bathing suits and after a swim, got out of their wet bathing suits into day clothing.”  The neighbors also did not like “to be awakened at 2 AM by the laughter and chatter of night bathers.

J. Archer Dixey of 8 Merrill Street was seeking nomination for the Board of Selectman. He was born in Marblehead and educated in the public schools. He attended Salem Commercial School and La Salle University Law School. For 22 years he was active in the Fire Department, serving as a Private, a Captain and Acting Chief. He was one of the original Hospital Aid Directors. A Director and Player Agent for the Little League Baseball and one of the founders of the original Headers Baseball Team.

Benjamin Woodfin of 29 Lincoln Avenue took out nomination papers for re-election to the Board of Public Welfare.

Clifford H. Brown, a local radio “Ham” requested from the Chamber of Commerce a supply of folders to send out to his radio contacts all around the world. Remember those folded pamphlets with maps and advertisements about the town; think I have one in my collection someplace.

Now some advertisements of the week:

Anyone remember this store, I know I don’t, but it sounds interesting.

Curiosity shop edited

Modern technology came to Marblehead.

Bowling Allen  edited

Don’t forget to buy your Valentines.  Gordon’s my favorite store, they had everything.  Toys, candy, school supplies, magazines and creaky wooden floors if I remember correctly.

Gordons edited


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